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Refer-A-Friend And Receive $50 Cash

Tax Stimulus To Be Approved

Up to $1200 per tax payer and an additional $500 more per child will be distributed to tax payers upon President Trumps approval of the Senate Stimulus Package…..It looks like for those lucky enough to have filed already with direct deposit, these funds could be...

Fed Extends Tax Filing Deadline

The IRS has extended the Federal tax dealing to July 15th for both filing (without an extension) as well as paying without interest or penalties accumulated. This is good for persons up to $1,000,000 and corporations for up to $10,000,000. Why file NOW anyway…Get your...

Analyze Before You Refi Or Buy

I just completed an analysis for one of our clients. They had just moved to the southeast and were currently renting. They had converted their west coast home in to a investment rental. They wanted to know the best way to fund their new home in their new area while...

January 29th, 2020

I do not believe people appreciate what they get for free. I have first hand experience in that regard, but there is not enough space to tell that tale here. I do, however, believe in incentives. Right now, the various tax adjustments and credits for college expenses...