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Comprehensive Tax Preparation, Planning, and Budgeting Services for Your Small Business

Working with you, Ameri Tax Service helps you plan for financial success and security. Our service offerings are designed to minimize the taxes you owe, maximize your refund, and keep you out of trouble with the IRS. Our team consists of smart, credentialed, caring staff members willing to bend over backwards to help you. Over the course of our relationship, we strongly believe our counsel, tax knowledge and holistic approach to the business that is your life will pay for ourselves long-term.

Here’s some other nice-to-know things:

This link can give you refund status for 3 previous year returns as well as amended returns.  It is very accurate for the current. Less accurate with earlier and amended returns. Returns mailed in can take as much as 3 to 6 months just to be looked at and put in the cue.

This link can get you 4 years of transcripts.  There are 4 types of transcripts. Most people want their wage and income transcripts. Account transcripts give you what you have paid in and what you owe by year.

See below for information on the various services we offer:

Ameri Tax Service is dedicated to providing quality tax preparation, planning and budgeting. We’ve been doing it since 2001. We try our best to get to know you well so that we can be proactive in tax planning that is personalized....

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