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IRS Data Breach Gets Me Blogging Again...

Date: May 29, 2015

Author: Trish Wright


WOW.  I haven't updated this blog since April Fools Day!  This last news bit made me do it.  The IRS has reported that 104,000 tax payers data may have been hacked through the IRS' very cool "Get Transcipt" on-line application tool. Worse the Identity Thieves already had data on these tax payers in order to pass through elaborate prescreening security questions so they were basically looking to fine tune their data to better pass through the IRS' behind-the-scenes software filters that weed-out fake returns and stop them before damage is done.  The IRS said they will be providing free credit monitoring services to those effected.  Big deal if the ID theft purpose was for filing fake tax returns in the first place which doesn't effect the credit monitoring area. FYI, in my experience, once your social has been hacked by these ID thieves filing fake returns with your data, it takes about two more years of tax returns before you are back to normal efiling processing and refund delivery times.--Tax Trish

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