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Time To Incorporate?

You might be operating as an independent contractor or sole proprietor for a while now and your business is growing and your life is changing and you have liability issues to address and want to be able to strategize your tax situation better. Or you might be starting a new business from ground zero and need advice as to what business structure is right for you.

Ask first. It may save you your first years $800 filing fee as well as significant tax savings and advantages that you would normally not be aware of.

A 1-hour business organization appointment which will answer all your questions is $195. If you decide to incorporate, the $195 gets applied to our incorporating/LLC package of $450 which includes your EIN, Statement of Information, State Articles of Incorporation, your business structure consulting appointment and your Organization Documents.

We have advised many of your fellow business associates that it is time to upgrade their business organization structure to a corporation of LLC. It is always our wish and prayer that you are so successful that you outgrow us!

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