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Non-Profit Services

Services To Establish A Non-Profit Corporation (Organization) 501 C3

Are you interested in starting a non-profit organization? We can help. The process can take up to a year (during Covid, it took even longer) given that filing requires dealing with three government entities that need certain approvals from other government entities before continuing. Each step of the way the documentation must be tracked, stored and prepped.

We prepare and submit all paperwork needed by three different entities

  1. State of CA
  2. Franchise Tax Board
  3. IRS

We prepare all documents that pertain to your Non-profit Corporation (organization)

  1. Statement of Information
  2. Non-Profit Application for the State
  3. Non-Profit Application for the IRS
  4. Articles of Incorporation
  5. Statement of Fact (Mission Statement)/Purpose
  6. By laws
  7. Non-Profit Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  8. Projected Budget
  9. Activity Calendar (detailed flyers/programs)
  10. IRS Tax Exempt Request Documentation
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