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Stay on Top of Your Cash Flow and your Clients!

Are you too busy working to also do your own bookkeeping and administration? Is there more value to you spending an extra handful of hours doing your business, managing sales and new clients, and/or delivering excellent customer service than there is in doing bookkeeping and admin? If so, then you might consider setting up an appointment with Malgosia to see if she can help you manage that side of your business.


We offer a simple way for you to get up and running with our bookkeeping services. Just set up an appointment with Malgosia. Bring 2 or 3 months of your bank and/or credit card statements and she can give you a proposal for turnkey bookkeeping services. It'll only take you about an hour or so to get set up. There are a couple places where we will need your signature and contact info. The first few months may take a little bit of back and forth conversation so that your accounts, vendors and invoicing systems are understood, but then, Voila!, very little of your time will be spent on these tasks moving forward.

If you are a corporation or LLC, you are required by the IRS and Secretary of State to use a double entry bookkeeping and keep separate capital accounts for each shareholder. Be sure you are in compliance in this area. Additionally, if your sales or assets exceed $250,000, you are required to have a balance sheet within your tax returns. 95% of the time, the balance sheets we receive have many errors in them, are full of negative signs and some don’t balance. So let’s keep those red flags away and be sure we are in compliance with our bookkeeping, capital accounts, assets and balance sheet!

Bookkeeping prices vary. Most bookkeeping is done by the hour and/or, after they understand your business, with a flat rate pricing program. An accomplished bookkeeper can get things done CORRECTLY, very quickly. While a less accomplished bookkeeper may take longer to get you something that may or may not have to be redone. So be careful when you compare proposals as the more accomplished bookkeeper can very well actually end up being less expensive given their skill and experience.

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