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How Much Value Do We Offer? More Than The Other Guys!

When you are our client, you are our client all year.

We want to be a part of your "village." So we are here to help and we won’t nickel and dime you for the help you need throughout the year. Once you are our client, you are our client all year--all for the cost of your one-time annual preparation fee. Unless it is something extra, you will not be charged another dime for any additional help or advice needed. Our customer service extends for three years past the due date of the completed return—whether you are still our client or not. Who else offers that?

That service includes:

  1. Free audit preparation AND representation (you don’t need to be there).
  2. Got letter? Get it to us—drop it off, mail it or email it to AmeriTax3327@gmail.com. We will assess what the IRS is looking for and we will handle it for you including making up to two phone calls and writing up to two letters as needed and sending and receiving necessary faxes to complete the follow up.  We, however, won't mail it in for you—that would be too much liability for us to handle.
  3. Tracking your return from start to IRS and Franchise Tax Board acknowledgements
  4. Storing your return digitally on a two-server back-up system
  5. Hiring only licensed, insured and bonded tax professionals
  6. And we are professionals—we don’t operate out of our home—we have business liability and errors and omissions insurance to protect you and us and we pay rent to keep it professional so you aren’t traipsing through our homes or meeting us at Starbucks
  7. Free consultations all year round (except we are closed the week of 4th of July, Thanksgiving and between Christmas and New Year's)
  8. Free Power of Attorney representation
  9. Complimentary copies of your return either paper or digital
  10. Free “what if” scenarios if you are getting married, buying a house, selling a rental property
  11. Free home buyer analysis—Getting a new home?  Doing a re-fi? We can do a "homeowners" tax return for you so you can see the benefits of being a homeowner.  With the new tax code, buying a home doesn't necessarily always reduce your taxes like it did in the old days
  12. See how your exemptions can change—Complementary W4 “how many exemptions can I claim” analysis
  13. Complementary college financial aid form (FAFSA) form fill-in help
  14. Complementary Budgeting and Saving strategies to set you on the right course for retirement
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