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What To Bring To A Tax Filing Appointment

Please be sure you bring all your tax documents and all your questions! If you are a LLC/corporation, bring your P&L statement and your balance sheet. If you don't have your expense summary prepared, bring in all 12 months of your bank statement and credit card statements. We will quote you a fee for preparing your expense data or give you advice on how to prepare it yourself.

Forms to bring:

  1. W2s
  2. 1099s for independent contract work
  3. Unemployment form
  4. Social Security form
  5. Stock Brokerage Forms
  6. Home mortgage form
  7. Property Tax Bill
  8. DMV car registration expenses
  9. Charitable receipts
  10. Health Insurance form (1095s)
  11. NEW! Stimulus Received form from IRS
  12. Interest received from savings or your mortgage escrow account
  13. Every thing that looks official:)
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