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Covered by Covered California? Watch for Form 1095-A

Date: January 11, 2015

Author: Trish Wright


Form 1095-A will begin being mailed out starting January 20th.  This form will serve as proof of insurance for tax payers as well as specify how much federal subsidies they received for their health insurance.  If there were months you didn't have coverage and you believe it to be the fault of the exchange or the insurer, you can contact Covered California and request an exemption.  There are more than 30 potential exemptions available ranging from religious reasons to financial reasons.  Whether you receive too much or too little federal subsidies for your insurance purchase, will be calculated in your 2014 tax return resulting in your refund going either up or down as a result. There will be some unhappy folks should the adjustment turn the refund they were counting on to pay bills into an IOU to the IRS.

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