Call Us:
East Long Beach: 562.434.4725
Bixby Knolls: 562.999.1846
Lancaster: 661.443.6239

Hours After Oct. 15th:
7th Street: Mon & Wed: Noon - 4 pm
Bixby Knolls: Tues & Thurs: Noon - 4 pm


If you like how we treated you and how we prepared your taxes or addressed your planning and budgeting issues, please refer us to a friend. That's how neighborhood businesses thrive.

Upon completion and payment of your friend's return, we will give you a nice, crisp $50 bill—yes really, something green that folds!—as a thank you for your trust in us and for helping us survive in the age of COVID-19.

Also if you happen to like how we handle ourselves, we would love a Google and/or a Yelp review from you.

East Long Beach

Bixby Knolls

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