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Lancaster: 661.443.6239

Hours After Oct. 15th:
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Lancaster Office Staff

We hire only smart, credentialed, caring staff members who are willing to bend over backwards to help you. Over the course of our relationship, we strongly believe our counsel, tax knowledge and holistic approach to the business that is your life will pay for our services long-term.

Beatrice Brazile

Meet Beatrice. Office Manager and Senior Accountant for Ameri Tax Service in Lancaster. She had been a veteran at the East Long Beach office for 3 years before moving to Lancaster going on 5 years ago to launch her own Ameri Tax Service office. She digs deep to understand your problems and to find the right tax solution and to put you on the safe path to no more IRS drama and to getting nice, healthy refunds. No games here. Beatrice describes herself as no-nonsense, straight forward and sincere. When it comes to solving your tax dilemmas she doesn't let go. If she has to drag in heavy hitters from other offices, she will—whatever it takes, to get it done right.

Beatrice is also a 10-plus year expert in setting up non-profit LLCs. Setting up these organizations is a rigorous 12-18 month process that involves getting approvals from the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board, the CA Secretary of State, CA Attorney General and the IRS Attorney General. She'll help you define your mission statement, set up your promotional calendar and many other aspects one doesn't necessarily associate with the process of opening a non-profit organization.

Due to Covid 19, she is operating virtually this season and she will gladly set up a Zoom meeting to get to know you. She has all the apps needed to help you get her your documents and sign your files safely. On an as needed basis, she will set up an appointment to collect your files/sign in person. But masks required:)


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