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East Long Beach Office Staff

We hire only smart, credentialed, caring staff members who are willing to bend over backwards to help you. Over the course of our relationship, we strongly believe our counsel, tax knowledge and holistic approach to the business that is your life will pay for our services long-term.

Trish Wright

Trish has been holding down the fort at Ameri Tax Service for too long now. She was formerly a Fortune 500 Executive reporting to two CEOs (Mattel and Activision). She took a career change when traveling became too much in order to raise her two girls and two dogs and still have time left over for her husband. She's been at the corner of 7th and Redondo ever since.

She specializes in all types of personal and corporate returns and has personal experience in all kinds of real estate, corporate entity and retirement strategies. She loves helping those just starting out to think outside the box for long term life success. She's sad that most Americans have an average of just $435 in their savings accounts and works with her clients individually to make sure they are ready for life's emergencies. 

She earned her MBA at California University, Northridge and her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Management at California State University Long Beach.

Rob Bermond

Our resident Enrolled Agent, Rob specializes in all types of personal and corporate returns. He champions our Offer in Compromise business and our IRS Representation work. His attention to detail and his passion for taxes and numbers makes him a person you want championing your cause. 

He earned his math degree at the prestigious University of California Santa Barbara and as he laughingly states, "half of a masters in technology."

Veronica Larkin

Veronica is an experienced accountant with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry for the past 8 years. She is skilled in budgeting, benefits, employee development, personnel development and strategic planning. She's also a top-notch mother of two beautiful kids and loves to salsa. (She'll hate me for saying that).

A self-confessed tax nerd, we are lucky to have her holding down weekends during tax season. 

She earned her MBA and her BS from Strayer University focusing on accounting and organizational development.

Tom Watson

Don't let Tom's easygoing nature fool you. He is the best problem solver in town. His attention to detail and to ensure that you get every deduction possible, has made him a favorite on Yelp. He's a credentialed CTA and has his CAF with the IRS.

He's an accountant. He's a Dad. He's a manager. And he's going on to be a 5-year veteran at our office on 7th street.


Malgosia Winiarski

Malgosia, (the polish equivalent of Margaret), is a 3-year veteran of our 7th Street office. She is our resident bookkeeper and Quick Book Expert. Why does she like being a tax accountant so much? Because she gets to go back home to visit her family every summer. Fortunately, bookkeeping is generally a cloud-based business and her client-service doesn't skip a beat.

Malgosia, comes to us with her degree in accounting and finance from the University of Poland.

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