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East Long Beach: 562.434.4725
Bixby Knolls: 562.999.1846
Lancaster: 661.443.6239

Hours After Oct. 15th:
7th Street: Mon & Wed: Noon - 4 pm
Bixby Knolls: Tues & Thurs: Noon - 4 pm

About Us

We have been dedicated to providing quality tax preparation, planning and budgeting to our neighborhood since 2001. We specialize in personal and corporate tax preparation for small businesses as well as book keeping and tax strategic planning. We try our best to get to know you well so that we can be proactive in tax planning that is personalized. We strongly feel, that over the course of a relationship, we will more than pay for our services and then some.

We have a large base of clients in the trucking, contracting, plumbing, electrical trades. As well as a large base of realtors, marketing and graphic designers, land lords, real estate flippers. Come on in and get fit with an accountant who knows your industry.

Over the years we've grown with our clients offering services and products that they need like incorporating services, bookkeeping, budgeting and planning, life insurance and annuities. We got tired of referring these functions out and being disappointed in the outcomes.

Recently we decided to add back in services such as back tax debt representation, offer in compromise services, expertise in the IRS Fresh Start Program and more. Early on we did these services but stopped due to time management issues. Starting with the great recession of 2008, clients asked us for help and we've added them back in.

We want to be part of your village. If we can't help you in an area, chances are we have a support team in the community who can. If you have a questions, not just about taxes, but about business or life, ask it. You might be pleasantly surprised. More than just taxes, planning!

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